All grown up? I think not.

Most people say growing up is a very hard thing to do. Sure even myself totally hasn’t grown up yet, who ever truly grow up? No one ever loses that part of always being a kid again! NO ONE. Parents always tell you to “grow up” but what does “growing up” really mean; getting a job? acting polite in front of adults? My own definition of “growing up is getting older, wiser, experiencing new thing, forming a sense of responsibility but still having a good time, learn about yourself. Do more for the community, or for your town. It’s all about what you think it is, if you think its about doing good in college and becoming something you have worked hard for and dreamed about then go for it! You should allow “adults” to tell you how to dream, maybe about how you are going to live for the next 18 years but still. Growing up can be very scary for some people, IT SHOULDN’T. Growing up should be an adventure in your life!

There is this WHOLE world for everyone to experience, maybe traveling ins’t what you are looking for but everyone should at least do good for ourselves and the world. No matter what age, or how mature you are or grade. Everyone should always be a kid at heart or in situations. one thing i am ready for about growing up is just getting on with life. Because i know that i can always enjoy adventures parks as a grown up and still be an adult.

growing up


Adventure out of a small town is big, but the world is BIGGER!

Having a bit of adventure in one’s life is a MUST! But while still being in high school and going on an adventure is a bit tricky. I mean OF COURSE, going on those long family trips to see your grandparents for 3 days then driving back another 7 hours home can be stressful. But I mean ADVENTURE! recently I took a trip to california (actually still here) And it’s been one incredible journey! I saw everything from down town Hollywood  big muscles guys on the beach to the local farm, and the waves of palm springs. I think don’t thing most teenagers can say they’ve been where I’ve been in 2 months and STILL have to do school work. Just being able to leave in the middle of the school yeah to take a trip to figure thing out can be hard. My suggestions on creating your own adventure in a small town are:

  • Find places around the town that most people don’t go to, like a little water fall that is a park, or go out take a road trip with some friends to the next town over
  • Or an ever bigger adventure out of state (but not to far!) and maybe when you have more time to take that trip on more time and planning
  • Most people i know take trips after they graduate and are ready to go off to college (the summer before) or a summer long trip

Give them a double look on your look

Being trendy in high school is almost a have to. It can be easy to have a good sense in style or a bad one. I know of myself, i can pull out a trendy but comfy look in the morning. My tips on looking the trendiest but not over dressed, and certainly not trashy.

First, it sure depends on what season it is, and also where you are. You could be in a place where it’s always warm even during the winter, or somewhere its always a chilly and freezing in the winter time. Clothes for where it usually always a little chilly in the winter time, where it snows and stuff. A pair of jeans, cute sweater, a matching  scarf maybe and cute brown boots to tie it together. A jacket would usually be best over this to keep a little warm when going out. Maybe you want to get a little festive and wear a red sweater and green little pin to go with it.

Make sure you want to wear something that you feel comfortable in its trendy, and everyone tells you that you look good!
If maybe you aren’t in a place where it’s too cold but you don’t need a full force winter jacket. You could maybe still wear jeans, a light sweater, or t-shirt and scarf, or maybe go simple. Wear a dress with pink/black/tan tights. It could be festive (christmas is coming!) or shorts if the weather is nice (please wear shorts that are appropriate for school please).

My favorite thing to wear is my jean jacket or my jean vest. it could go with absolutely anything! I never wear jean on jean, I personally don’t think it look as good. But wearing then with leggings or a dress is something that it works with! Its good for colder weather or warmer weather.

So now this girl knows more about fashion than I do, so check out her fashion blog, she can give you more tips on whats trendy and whats not.

Cliques in high school

Ohh, how I love these.. (being sarcastic of course). Cliques in high school are probably the one thing that confuses me the most. All these types of cliques could be in high school atmosphere are:

Popular Girls: these are the girls that tend to be “nice” but they will rule by their looks, money, force and if have to can be manipulative. she is kinda like the Queen Bee.
Popular Boys: he is a guy that all the teachers loves, the parents, and is just this well-respected guy. He’s got good looks, tough, rich, athletic & of course gets all the girls. Both girls and the boys seems to be the ones in all the groups, and all full of pep on school spirit days.
Girls: these types of jocks girls, are ones that are fit, into a lot of sports, & that are types of girls that always talk about the sports they play. (but are super popular) *cheer leaders!!
Boys: now for boys, athletic (of course), party goers, enthusiasts and the boys that every girl would want to have. (the jocks are the ones who throw a party).
Drama/Music Geeks:Most of these kids (both genders) are singers, in band, actors, and choir, etc.
Girls: most of these girls that are nerds, are smart like school might not care as much of what they look like for appearance. These girls look after the loud popular girls and think of them as a queen.
Boys: with boys, either being short, or too tall. People will find a way to pick on them. Looks after the “top popular” guy as a king. For both girls and boys, the tend to maybe have the library be their sanctuary and think that they are top of the class (most likely are), and is going to win a prize noble.
Girls: the girls that will buy a certain type of clothing to fit in a clique or do something that will think she is cool. She is a girl who is smart but just doesn’t quite fit in.
Boys: they talk about crazy nerd stuff, know lot about the gossip going around.
People who have a lot of piercings (or want them), crazy colored hair, listen to punk music.
Girls: you can see these girls around hanging out with boys, either skate boards around (long boarding too) and just doing their own thing.
Boys: they wear skater clothes, skate around, live with an attitude and on edge.
With both genders, these kids are kinda shady, wear black, and you get a weird feeling when you see them. They think that society sucks and is ruining the world (also have piercings).
Emo Kids:
Also with both genders, they love block, death, sadness, also have little confidence because they just don’t believe in them selves.
The Foreign Kids:
Either girl or boys, if they are from a different country they are considered “cool”. WHY? I don’t really know, but people think it’s cool if they are from some place else other than the US. Even if you are from a different state, you are considered a foreigner.
These type of people have their own little group. And usually stay in between themselves and doesn’t go out of their comfort zone.
The Perverts:
The boys and girls that like to talk about sex a lot, and do things that would make you go “ew, did you really say that? perv!”
The girls and boys that talk and act funny & get away with a lot of things. Like example; they order 14 pizzas and puts them on the principles credit card. ha
Metal Heads:
Guys: who have long hair, wear bananas, are a little grungy looking , maybe in a band. Also likes to listen to hard metal music.
Girls: you could say they are like the boys, but in a girl form and not so.. grungy and kinda weird. (in my opinion)

you could say that maybe you are one or part of one of these cliques, or maybe part of a bunch of them. And it’s cool to be part of a friend group. (but don’t be mean about it to other cliques.) I know i have friends that are in different cliques, it could be confusing but at times, because they have friends in their cliques too. Making friends with a bunch of people can be one good thing or bad. Which ever way you take it!

The First Step:

First, we are going to deal with…MEAN GIRLS  (or for boys..jerks).

It’s one rough thing when you get into it maybe with a girl or boy. Boys fight their way out when they are mad. Girls talk crap and use nasty words, it’s one awful sight. WORD OF ADVICE LADIES. DON’T EVER GET INTO A FIST FIGHT.  FIGHTING MAKES YOU LOOK TRASHY (truth be told).

One thing I learned about girls and how they fight is that they think a “slut” is different of what it really means and they are all too willing to use the term as a label on innocent girls.



1. an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.
2. Obsolete . a dirty, slovenly woman.
Now, girls use this work if you flirt with someone once, and maybe even only once, then you are considered a “slut.” But in reality, the REAL meaning of “slut” has nothing to do with innocent flirting.
Now boys, if you get into it with a boy you should know I am SO against fighting. But my advice if you go get into a fight is that make sure you hit hard. AND DON’T FIGHT ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. MAKE SURE YOU ARE BOTH UNDER THE AGE OF 18. ALSO, DON’T THROW THE FIRST PUNCH. Just a little advice for the boys.
To be honest, the movie Mean Girls is great, I can also quote all of it. But high school isn’t really all like the movies. Check out this link to the movie trailer to Mean Girls. Maybe your high school is like this.
(I would like to point out that I am not encouraging ANYONE to get into a fight, or saying it is okay to fight. It is not okay to fight. Hitting is not the way, words are).

Starting off

Starting of the freshmen year. is like taking off into an unknown part of your life’s journey. But do’s n’ don’ts are coming your way from the mind of someone who has also been through. it. ALL!

No one really tells you how terrifying the first day of school is going to be like. You have the change schools (some do, mine did.) Harder classes, the treacherous sea monsters (we call upperclassmen!!!) but none of this is really “taught” to you. I’ll be your personal superman and help you through it all.

What is the real “how-to school” way?
Well i don’t believe that there really is, i mean people can give you advice, but everyone deals with stuff like this differently. But let’s face it, high school is full of drama, crazy boys, and to much homework. The chances of you getting lost or not understand anything, is a given.